Hello, I'm Magda.

A marketer at heart and entrepreneur by design.

When I started out in digital marketing ten years ago, I still had a lot to learn. I was guilty of thinking an attractive, attention-grabbing design was the most important element of a landing page, ad and social media post.

And I thought people didn't really read, so the words on the page were less important than the look and feel. Of course, I quickly learned how wrong I was. In fact, as I worked hard to improve conversion rates for my clients, I came across a copywriting course that completely transformed my perspective.

The main idea was, “Let your customers write the copy for you”.


Growing your business with customer research

You might already know about this approach, but it was new to me back in 2016.

Magda sitting
   The Idea   

“Let your customers write the copy for you”.

I discovered that by analyzing customer reviews, conducting interviews and skimming through customer support messages - where customers were talking about their struggles, objections, desires and motivations - you uncover insights that make a huge difference in performance across all marketing projects.

I gave it a try and started integrating customer language - aka “voice of customer data” - into the copy we were writing for clients at my growth agency.

I A/B tested these customer insights across my clients' ads and landing pages, testing messaging and copywriting alone - nothing else - and the results were mind-blowing. Suddenly we were seeing 2x or 3x more conversions.

Naturally, I decided to add this new tactic to the conversion-optimization process I was applying to each business that came on board with our agency.

   The Problem   

A problem you might relate to

While it was fun at first to manually go through hundreds of customer reviews, and pages and pages of customer language, it was taking a lot of time. Yes, we saved some time because the copy practically wrote itself once we had those insights. But I was keen to find a way to automate the heavy lifting involved in finding and analyzing the voice of customer data.

I'd been thinking about this problem for a while, especially on projects where we were spending 20+ hours on this work.

How could we speed up this process, making it easier for us and more cost-effective for our clients?

Save time and improve the results of your work

I knew there must be a way to train AI to extract and organize the voice of customer data. And there must be a way to get it to summarise the insights from that data, making it a super quick process to incorporate customer language into landing pages, ads and any marketing asset that requires writing.

     This isn't the kind of work ChatGPT can do for you. But there is a way to do it.     

I've figured it out, and it means you (and I) can create high-converting messaging for headlines, landing pages and ads at least 100x faster than if you were manually trawling through research. If you've never had the time or resources for all of that research, you'll be able to discover conversion-boosting insights you'd never have uncovered before - in seconds.
Our new product, On Target AI, will save you o ton of time by giving you access to customer insights and generating high-converting copy so you have more time for creative copy, differentiation or simply relaxing.

You get human insights, superhumanly fast.
So you can optimize your conversion rate in just a few clicks.

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