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Let AI do the tedious
voice-of-customer research

so you can write high-converting copy faster:

Uncover the language and insights that drive purchase decisions

Write first drafts easier. And faster.

Unpack how great conversion copywriters think.

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Now it's time to join
the next generation of
 AI-powered copymasters

So you get promoted to the strategic content partner you always wanted to be.

We know that it's unwise to rely entirely on AI.
But AI is spectacular at tedious marketing tasks like copy research (unlike humans)
That's why now is the time to make AI your ally, not your enemy.

ANY copy written without voice of customer insights is just
a wild gamble on how well it will convert.

Voice of customer research is crucial. On Target AI does the heavy lifting in minutes, letting you focus on writing high-converting copy that's based on what hundreds of customers think and feel.

Pavel Chernyakov

Pavel Chernyakov

Conversion Copywriter

Become a strategist instead of a “doer”

By uncovering voice of customer insights in minutes

The copy that makes most money for your business always includes sticky words and phrases pulled straight from your target customers mouths.

  • Acknowledge pain points from previous products or lack of products.
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  • Understand hesitations and answer objections.
  • Focus on the qualities that matter most when searching for solutions.
  • Get clear on how you can fulfil customers' wants, needs and desires.

AI picks up language patterns that help me find the best words for my clients without spending hours (sometimes days) gathering insights, googling, researching.

Research is a huge chunk of any copywriting or messaging project It's a no-brainer to speed up that research phase. In fact, it's when AI can be our best friend.

Sue Moore

Sue Moore

Marketing Psychology &
Copywriting Specialist

How do you get the most out of On Target AI,
your affordable copy intern ?


Feed customer language into On Target AI

Could be your customers' reviews written on Amazon, G2, or Capterra. Or your competitors' customer reviews. Just past the link and we'll collect all the needed data.

No reviews online? Worry not! You can also upload directly customer interview transcripts, survey answers, or sales demo transcripts.

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Uncover the Voice of Customer Insights

Great copy is inspired by your target audience's language. And understanding their language takes only 2 minutes with On Target AI.

No more copy-guessing

No more days invested in manual research

No more getting stuck and running out of ideas


Get the Voice of Customer
Insights to work. Now it's time to:

👉   Write the damn good copy you and your clients will be proud of

👉   Find language-market fit faster.

👉   Build detailed customer personas

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